Have you seen the super rich like Warren Buffet say things like “my taxes should be higher”. You see them all the time on CNBC and other news shows commenting things like ” I don’t mind paying higher taxes” or “We should pay higher tax”. My response to all of them is simple. GO AHEAD!!! If you think your not paying enough, throw in a few extra million to the treasury. They are so full of it. The recent news that Obama is for keeping the “Bush tax cuts” in place for the next 2 years has the left in a frenzy. It’s not enough that they got some goodies thrown to them, they will not be happy until the”rich” are punished. Who are the “rich”? People that make $250,000 or more. The answer is simple, is it not? Don’t screw with the small business owners! These are the “rich” that also hire the most people. $250k, $400k or even $750k is not “rich”. It’s doing good. It’s comfortable, but it’s not rich! It may be rich to someone making $50k, but it’s not rich and raising taxes on these people will hurt the economy, because they DO spend the money and NOT save every penny. Now people making 2 Million or 5 million or 100 million. Those people are rich. So why doesn’t Obama and the dems go after the ”real rich”? Because they are full of it. They don’t want the real rich to pay, they want the MIDDLE CLASS and the ones trying to get to the next level to pay up. Go ahead, raise the taxes to 80% for all I care on people making millions. But the ELITE left don’t want that do they? That’s because the reality is that the ELITE left want to pit the middle class against the poor. Why not  make the “real rich” pay for the poor and leave the middle class alone, we pay enough already. I will lose it if I hear another elite lefty say ” we can’t afford those tax cuts” What kind of whacked out way of thinking is it that thinks the government can’t afford to not take MORE of MY money? Here’s an idea. SPEND LESS. SPEND WHAT YOU HAVE. DON’T SPEND MORE THAN YOU TAKE IN.

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